We’ll always love Big Poppa.

We’ll always love Big Poppa.

my nigga

Streaming Now: J. Cole Live in London

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You’re money baby, you’re so money and you don’t even know it!
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Kendrick Lamar - Michael Jordan (Ft. Schoolboy Q)

There’s no way I can listen to this and just be still.

I didn’t get one micron of sleep last night and I’m bout to head out to my first real morning shift. This song and an Americano should get me amped enough to be awake for the next day or so though.

Good Morning.

  -  7 January 2011

Exploded View of Prototype New York-Themed Amusement Park Contained in Single Skyscraper

"To reduce the sprawl and auto emissions created by conventional amusement parks, New York architect Ju-Hyun Kim’s envisioned a playland condensed inside one skyscraper. A roller coaster’s way more thrilling when you’re almost plummeting into the office building next door.”

(via i09)

Like most of the people on Tumblr, I saw this pop up on my radar and had to investigate. This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen prototyped. This exploded view kinda blew my mind (No pun intended). Don’t know If I could handle the ferris wheel on either level. I can only imagine how mad that park will be if it actually sees the light of day.

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"…Not to be confused with nobody."

"…Not to be confused with nobody."